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TIPS on how to use ceramic paints at HOME! 🎨

Click to download – Tips on how to use ceramic paints at Home!

TIPS on how to use ceramic paints at HOME!

Ceramic paints are special glazes:

  • The most important tip is TO HAVE FUN!
  • Ceramic paint is water based – very easy to wash : )
  • Do NOT mix colours – keep them in the original containers provided.
  • (In order to not mix colours) It can be achieved by using different brushes for different colours!
  • If you want to achieve a solid coat of paint we suggest no more then 3 coats! (In between the coats, paint needs to be dry before applying the next coat)
  • If you apply only 1 coat, it will show brush strokes (It is a good way to make designs/textures such as leaves, fur, flowers…)
  • You do not need WHITE paint because the ceramic is white to begin with, you just simply leave the area you want to stay white by not painting that part


  • Paint will not get darker if you add coats, it will only cover the ceramic better! The intensity of the colour and brightness will be after glazing and firing! For your colour reference please take a look at our colour section on our website


Stay Safe & Healthy! 😊

Bring the FUN to your home! 
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