About Us

ARTISTIC WAY LTD. is a community based Art School and Make Your Own Ceramic and Glass Studio. Our mandate is to introduce families, adults, teens and children to the enriching world of art and self-expression through art making in a positive, creative and healthy environment. Artistic Way instructors are all qualified teachers who receive enthusiastic reviews from their students. In addition to long-term courses, Artistic Way seeks to involve the community through a range of art related activities, family days, lectures, workshops, exhibitions and open houses. Near the school are numerous cafes, restaurants, bookstores and boutiques. Parking can be found either on side streets, or in the municipal Green “P” near by.




To take a journey in Art is to follow a path that will last you a lifetime. By using clay as my main medium I find myself borrowing the life force of the Earth and using it to make my work immortal. Clay is the soil beneath our feet that hold things together and brings things to life. In that very way I use clay to bring my artwork to life. My sculptural concepts are based on a very personal narrative, always revealing a story behind the object. Earth tones are crucial to uniting aspects of my work, utilizing additional media such as wood, leather, and coiled metals to express and enhance the forms. My ideas stem from the innate qualities of the materials that I use to express my sculptures. The tentative work, the details, the fate of how the work will emerge after the firing process, creates the journey I go on with every new concept.



From an early adage I have had a great passion to create and express myself. I have always found visual art and music as my favorite form to communicate with the world. As an artist, on one hand I strip reality to its core, and on the other I create its superstructure by supplementing the already observed with my own emotions and sentiments. I feel a strong need to penetrate deeper and explore my own intimacy, my own worlds, which I describe in the language of symbols and characters. Material and media that I use for my expression are carefully chosen. I find very important to use different media to express myself, traditional and new digital. I use clay, glass, silver clay and digital media like i-phone or i-pad brushes for my paintings, drawings, and sculptures. I like to express myself creating music, animated movies. I attempt to inspire growth in my students by giving them tools to take into other art disciplines and into other domains of their life. Among these tools are a sense of curiosity, non-judgmental attitude, and a thirst for knowledge. This is integral part of my artistic practice.



A voice in my head. How my brain functions. It’s inspirations – Fashion, Art of every kind. Painting. My Paintings. Poetry, and inner thoughts about . . . things.



Creative and passionate is how I would describe myself. I see inspiration everywhere, even right here in the store! I manage the day to day activities of the shop while helping others explore their inner artistic spirit. Everything from drop-in classes to birthday parties, I am here to help guide you on your innovative journey!