Affordable Original Art

With a varied selection of art ataffordable prices this will be a great opportunity to pick up a unique gift for someone special for any occasion.

Best of all you, can buy and bring home on the same day – no need to wait until the exhibition is over.

Artistic Way is the perfect place to purchase a gift, start your art collection or buy an artwork for a creative space, ofice or shop.

All of the artists at Artistic Way have been specially selected. When you buy a piece at Artistic Way Gallery, you know that you are supporting local artists. Paintings, drawings, sculpture and applied art pieces up to $400.00.

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Boban Dosic

As a painter he is inspired by archaeology, fresco paintings and urban decay, and the idea of both transience and timelessness. He is interested in the opposing forces of construction and deconstruction and the beauty of layers formed by the passage of time. Boban works in mixed media, using acrylics, sand, plaster, metal wire, wax and paper, as well as drawing with coloured pencils and crayons on canvas and panel.


Una and Aleksandar Janicijevic

We are a father-daughter artistic
cooperation. Una is a freelance art director, artist and travel blogger. She works on a wide variety of projects from magazine design to paper craft and everything in between.
Aleksandar, has spent his career working in architecture, design, art, urban analysis and illustration—also wearing many hats throughout his working life (sometimes even a beret).


Ozrenko Mrkic

My work is personal; each piece represents an individual thought and experience I have drawn from my own sense of spirituality and culture. It is a subconscious journey between my body, my soul and surrounding energy. My approach can be understood by the old adage: “Paint from nature, but do not paint nature as it is.” This is essentially what I try to do.