Fun With Clay

Come and have Fun with Clay…!!
Drop ins always welcome!!


Drop in the Studio and have Fun With Clay!
All Fresh Clay projects in one visit..

Have you always wanted to work with clay? 

Feel free and drop in to make pieces such as: Mugs, Bowls, Soap dishes, Flower Pots, Sushi plate, set of Coasters, Pendants, Boxes and more! 

Dig into and explore the expressive nature of clay. Create your own sculpture and useful objects using slab and coil construction. 

Experience the pleasure of expressing yourself through clay. Discover the stress relieving qualities this tactile medium has on your well-being.

Prices range from $38 to $45….

For more information please call us at 416.760.9027



Adults, teens, and children of all ages are welcome. We provide everything: including stamps, stencils, sponges, idea books, a little coaching, and a lot of encouragement. Drop in anytime or schedule a Fun With Clay party. It’s Creative Fun For Everyone to make your own pottery!
No experience needed. Our studio will show you how. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!


We provide full instruction from start to finish! Easy 1-2-3!- Begin with following a project template and from there you start to create your own masterpiece! 
– We have great selection of stamps and fun fabrics that make great impressions. 
– Unlimited use of tools, books, 
stencils, stamps, molds and more. 
– Natural plants and leaves make fantastic stamps. 
– Molding & sculpting personal add-ons is always interesting and encouraged! 
– All this for a cost from $38.00 – $45.00 and up.


Prints in Clay 
Ceramic Handprint and Footprint 
Impressions …

Handmade keepsakes provide memories of your baby’s growth process. 
Capturing a baby’s handprint in clay is one way to preserve memories of his/hers early years.